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Dexion Launches High-Density Pallet Storage System in Australia

June 11th, 2016

Leading global storage solutions company, Dexion, has announced the launch of its latest high-density pallet storage system, the Dexion Auto Shuttle, in Australia.

The Dexion Auto Shuttle system offers high-density pallet storage without the need for forklifts to drive into the racking system and provides an effective and reliable solution for those looking to make the most of limited space.

The Auto Shuttle solution provides significant productivity and storage advantages compared to typical ‘block stack and ‘drive in’ storage applications.

A safer way to manage high-density pallet storage, the Dexion Auto Shuttle travels below the pallet, then elevates the pallet from the support rails and carries it back and forth within the system as required.

The Dexion Auto Shuttle uses patented mechanical lifting motions and has no hydraulics and few moving parts, ensuring low noise, high reliability, and low energy consumption. It comes in a high-end eight wheel design with a lithium ion battery and a lifting capacity of 2,000 kilograms and an entry level four wheel design with a lead acid battery and a 1,500 kilogram lifting capacity.

Speaking of its features, Stuart Macnab, Regional General Manager Australia & Hong Kong, says the eight-wheel shuttle is particularly reliable in cold spaces with an operating temperature down to -30°C and thus perfectly tailored to industries that require ongoing refrigeration.

“A number of our customers in the food, medical, and wine industries are excited about this product because of its high-density options across their supply chain. While the system certainly isn’t limited to cold storage, it presents several options for growth in the market.

“Other than being a cost effective way to manage product from a workplace safety point of view, the Dexion Auto Shuttle also minimises the risks that can come from driving forklifts into racking, which is a win for both employees and employers. With forklifts no longer entering the racks, the Dexion Auto Shuttle also helps guarantee the longevity of the racks and products as well,” says Macnab.

“In an industry where space is money, the Auto Shuttle helps customers make their existing warehouse work harder. It’s incredibly simple to use and comes with a Dexion guarantee,” he adds.

Other notable features include:

  • The Auto Shuttle is controlled via a handheld remote
  • Auto battery changeover function available for the eight wheel Auto Shuttle
  • Collision protection for the front and rear pallets to ensure safe handling and consideration for pallets with overhang, with the additional feature to set the correct flue space to meet all fire safety standards
  • A status indicator on the front face provides vital information to the operator in regards to the operational mode of the unit
  • The unique lifting function allows pallets to be densely packed along the rail
  • The ability to count pallets in a lane for stock take in real time
  • Distance between pallets is adjustable between 0mm to 200mm
  • Capability of moving up to 70 pallets per hour
  • Operating temperatures of between -30°C up to 40°C for the eight-wheel shuttle and 5°C up to 40°C for the four-wheel shuttle
  • A lithium Ion battery in the eight-wheel and lead acid battery in the four-wheel option

Macnab adds, “Dexion is in the business of long-term customer partnerships and we know this product will meet the needs of those looking to maximise their warehouse space and efficiency.

“Our goal is to always create the right solution for the job. Drawing on our 70-year heritage of innovation and creativity, we provide customers with options that meet all levels of storage and material handling needs.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring this innovative solution to market in Australia.”

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Dexion collects and uses your personal information to provide you with our products and services, to seek your feedback, for marketing activities and to keep you updated with information which may be relevant to you. View our Privacy Policy

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