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Safety underpins everything we do


At Dexion, Safety underpins everything we do. Nothing is more important than the safety of our people. No commercial decision takes a priority over the health and safety of our employees. We believe you have the right to be safe at work. We think all incidents are preventable and our strong safety leadership is designed to empower everyone through self-responsibility, respect for others and accident prevention.

The work we undertake with our partners and subcontractors involves risk. That is why it’s critical that we keep safety on forefront of our mind in everything we do 24/7 at home and at work. The actions we take to mitigate risks and help us to protect all our workers and their families.

A critical part of this safety culture involves engaging staff and suppliers through procedures, controls, governance, communication, education, training and measurements. We do this across day to day operations on our own sites as well as our operations within the market we serve.

We have a number of initiatives to strengthen our safety leadership and culture and help us keep safety top of mind. We regularly review our culture and performance, understand our risks and implement corrective actions within an overall philosophy of continuous improvement.


Safety Hearts and Minds Leadership

At Dexion, we believe safety leadership and accountability starts at the top, but that it involves everyone in the organisation. Anyone can be a safety leader. Over 50 Dexion safety leaders have taken ownership of safety and have been instrumental in facilitating safety-first values across Dexion and its partners and subcontractors. These safety leaders undertake regular safety interactions and observations with workers, sharing the message of going home safe and giving workers a platform to share any concerns or questions of their own.

Dexion also promotes a culture of regular safety communication, consultation and cooperation with all its workers including those from Supply Centres and Subcontractors. Regular sessions are held to continuously review and risk assess our designs and operational practices.


Safety Fair Go Process

Dexion has implemented a rollout of a post incident Safety Fair Go Process. It emphasises the importance of education, coaching and counselling and provides guidelines to help managers and supervisors work through the consequences of a post-incident investigation to ensure reported safety breaches are not ignored. It supports line managers to hold both themselves and their employees accountable.


Significant risk controls and practices

Significant risk controls practices have been adopted to enhance safety at our operations. This practice also ensures compliance with the relevant health and safety legislations, codes and standards, reduces the likelihood of injuries and helps prevent significant incidents.