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Quick Storage Solutions for E-commerce Business

April 15th, 2020

Here’s the secret to scale up your business quickly and efficiently.

Protecting the population from large scale transmissions from Covid-19 saw governments across the globe enforcing total lock downs or movement restriction orders with only essential businesses allowed to operate.

The generation of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Millennials had never experienced such disruption from our daily lives and are coming to terms on what the impact it brings to work, school, exercise routines, social lives and family time.

A crucial part of being confined to our homes is the ability to get food and daily supplies without stepping out of the house.  With most retails shops closed for the time being and supermarkets shelves left empty after being swarmed by panic buyers, the calm that followed the storm came in the form of online shopping, the ideal way to practice social distancing and avoid crowds.

With the sudden spike in demand for these items, are manufacturers, distributors and retailers able to meet market needs?

Traditional retailers and e-commerce businesses may want to push ahead to upgrade and improve their storage and warehousing facilities to continuously supply to market demands.  The key is to expand quickly, in the most cost-effective manner with minimum construction effort.

Dexion MezzClad

With the Dexion Mezzclad, companies can quickly assemble a stable, reliable structure to meet their immediate business needs.  It is an innovative free-standing system built using pre-galvanised high strength steel that provides an effective way to boost storage capacity for companies.

Benefits of the system are;

  1. Maximise space by making full use of the building footprint
    Unlike traditional warehouses that requires support pillars, side walls and roofing, a MezzClad structure can fully occupy the whole warehouse space.  Wall claddings and roofing are attached directly on the mezzanine structure.
  2. Height optimisation
    The building could go up to any height depending on the regulations set by the local authorities. In this case, the uprights can climb 60 metres high.  The greater the height of the system, the more profitable it becomes for the user.
  3. Quick and easy installation
    Once the floor slab has been completed, the mezzanine structure and cladding can be progressively and concurrently installed.  The Dexion 808 system is assembled using the block-stack installation method providing safety to workers.   The warehouse can be completed much quicker than the time it takes to construct a traditional warehouse.
  4. Minimal civil works
    Installing the MezzClad is time efficient, it reduces labourer and construction costs.  The structure sits on the slab with a uniform distribution of the forces on the foundation, eliminating a concentration of load on certain points thus making construction simpler.Integrating steel staircase, handrails, goods lifts, water sprinklers and lighting complete the warehouse and make it ready for operations.
  5. Flexible and modular system
    The components can be dismantled and reassembled according to the business’s needs.  The allows the system to be expanded, relocated or shifted to another location if required.
  6. Sturdy and safe
    The system is designed as a whole and engineers ensure that it meets design criteria such as wind and rain loads, crane forces, soil types and robustness factors.  Warehouses located in seismic zones can be reinforced with safety features.



  1. Manual fulfilment
    1. For small- to medium-sized items in light to medium weight.
      When combined with multi-tier shelving system, it makes a versatile system.  A wide range of accessories such as tote bins, dividers and mesh panels keep items organised for manual picking activities.
      Besides e-commerce, other industries like electronic manufacturing, automotive industry and retailers would also find this system highly useful.
    2. For bulky items in medium to heavy weight and slow-moving items.
      Besides storage of electrical items and furniture, this system is highly suitable for the records management industry.
  2. Automated fulfilment
    E-comm platforms that promise speedy deliveries have turned to sophisticated robots to process items – from storing, to picking, and sorting stocks for same-day delivery to customers.   These robots provide accuracy and are quick to deploy orders to be packed and shipped off.This sortation technology requires super-flat picking platforms to ensure smooth and seamless operations built using mezzanine structures. Autonomous warehouses using robots are for ideal for dispatch of most items, including groceries and fresh foods.Dexion 808
    Dexion’s mezzanine systems are designed and built using the Dexion 808, an innovative product that can be configured in various ways to produce a mezzanine floor structure to meet a customer’s weight load, span and head room requirements.

    This is a fully bolted structure with selectively punched holes to assure optimum upright capacity.  This system is light in weight and able to withstand heavy loads.  The system has undergone actual load & safety testing beyond computations for the added safety factor. 

    Companies that are quick to respond can be prepared to achieve greater efficiency and fulfil orders quickly – this is the opportunity that companies can leverage on to capture a larger piece of the pie and gain consumer loyalty for the long term.

    More on Dexion 808:

If you are looking to enhance your storage capacity quickly and be prepared for e-commerce opportunities, drop us a line at [email protected] for a consultation!

Here’s the secret to scale up your business quickly and efficiently.

By admin

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Dexion collects and uses your personal information to provide you with our products and services, to seek your feedback, for marketing activities and to keep you updated with information which may be relevant to you. View our Privacy Policy

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