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Dexion HDS Shuttle

The Dexion HDS (High Density Storage) Shuttle is a semi-automated system designed for high density storage. The system provides up to 25% increase in storage space and improves user safety, compared to other pallet racking systems.

The self-powered 4- or 8-wheel shuttle travels below the pallets then elevates the pallet from the support rails and carries it back and forth within the system as required.

This system suits a warehouse with high stock levels and low SKU count. It is easily scalable to your business. To expand, simply add shuttle units to increase throughput.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • High density storage solution that maximises warehouse space
  • Makes unloading and loading more efficient with automatic sort and retrieve
  • Provides a safe environment to workers and goods as compared to other high density storage solutions, by eliminating the need for forklifts to drive into the rack
  • The shuttle is controlled via a simple and easy-to-use RF Remote Control
  • Smart safety sensors ensure the shuttle avoids any obstructions in the lane
  • Long lasting and fast charging lithium ion battery
  • Fully compatible with Dexion  racking systems
  • Excellent for FIFO or LIFO operations or a combination of both
  • Designed and manufactured by Dexion ensuring spare parts are readily available while being simple to service and maintain
  • Other features include a fork lift magnets, fork tyne pockets and location beakers

Product Specifications

Number of wheels

4 or 8

Unload Time

4 sec

Loaded Speed

50m / min

Unloaded Speed

84m / min

Lift Capacity

4 Wheel: 1,500kg

8 Wheel: 2,000kg

Use Duration

8 hours

Battery Type


Recharge Time

5 hours

Remote Type


Remote Battery

Re-chargeable Lithium

Operational Temperature

Cold Room -35°C to 50°C

Ambient 0°C to +50°C

Safety Features

Ground stops
Back stops
Emergency button

Collision sensors
Tyne pockets
Safety carriage
Electromagnetic locking system
Anti-tilting alarm
Drop alarm

Standard Features

Single load
Single unload
Continuous load
Continuous unload
Battery meter

Shuttle unit locator
Shuttle Performance Dashboard

Pallet Racking System

Speedlock MK8

Shuttle Dimensions (LxWxH)

1300 x 960 x 175 mm