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TOA Paint, Vietnam

We definitely want to collaborate with Dexion in the future and even recommend your quality to other projects since Dexion is one of the best and reliable brands in the racking industry." Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Project Manager, TOA Paint

Established in 1995, TOA Paint Vietnam has become a key player in the paint and coatings industry, managing 1,200 stores across 63 provinces. Recognized with awards like the Golden Dragon Awards 2023 for “Premium Products,” TOA Paint is committed to quality and sustainability, holding certifications such as Green Label Singapore and LEED Gold for their Binh Duong office.

As part of their expansion strategy, TOA Paint Vietnam built a new warehouse to accommodate growing inventory and streamline operations. TOAV Management Team highlighted the need for future-proofing, planning for 19,000 pallet spaces to support long-term growth, reflecting TOA Paint’s foresight in ensuring operational efficiency and sustained success.

TOA Paint evaluated various storage options and selected the Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) system over Selective Pallet Racking for its ability to maximize storage space by minimizing aisle width. After thorough evaluation of solution providers, they decided to go with Dexion for the VNA Pallet Racking implementation. A visit to Dexion’s world-class facility in Malaysia confirmed the quality and durability of their products, as well as the team’s ability to deliver the project based on their stringent requirements.

Despite challenges like scheduling conflicts and shipping delays, Dexion completed the project ahead of schedule. The precise installation met TOA Paint’s rigorous standards, showcasing Dexion’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions under tight timelines.

The VNA system revolutionized TOA Paint’s inventory management, enabling faster picking rates and doubling daily pallet movements from 100 to 200 per shift. This efficiency improvement has reduced order processing times and increased throughput, enhancing operational workflow. Safety features like a protective mesh ensure a secure working environment.

Project Manager from TOA Paint, Nguyen Ngoc Tuan expressed a strong interest in future collaborations, recommending Dexion for their reliability and quality. This partnership exemplifies Dexion’s dedication to meeting evolving business needs, enhancing TOA Paint’s market position and operational efficiency, and setting a benchmark for future projects.

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